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It's rather that they have a wonderful lack of respect for everything and everybody." Brendan Behan was spot on when he said this, don't you think?The quotes given here are proof of...30th birthdays can be a scary time, but it's only going to get better from here on out.Almost everyone does it at least once in their life.Despite the dread and speculation of what happens after marriage, you still have some awesome quotes that just might help you make it through your own wedding day."It's not that the Irish are cynical.The ban was later lifted and he went on to become rabbi of Krakow, Poland.He is buried in the Krakow cemetery, in the section devoted to the poor and needy.

He later served as Chief Rabbi of Vienna, and then as Chief Rabbi of Prague.Then again, there's no need to wait for an occasion to humor yourself.Go through some of the funniest quotes you can ever come across in the articles provided below.Whether it’s where I’m eating, where I’m traveling or, God forbid, something I’m buying, like a lot of people in my generation—those in their 20s and 30s—I feel compelled to do a ton of research to make sure I’m getting every option and then making the best choice.If this mentality pervades our decision­making in so many realms, is it also affecting how we choose a romantic partner?

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In 1629, some members of the Jewish community -- angry at Rabbi Heller for determining how a federal tax should be paid -- had him framed and thrown in prison.