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It is common to see little kids as young as two so adept at using their tablets.

And with so much content on the internet that can prove to be detrimental to a child’s well-being and safety, it is up to the parents to impose proper monitoring and restrictions in these devices.

Our world today is becoming more techie by the minute, and it is also true that the younger generations are catching up.

This is another concern that parents have on top of the usual issues in rearing a child.

I believe that God pairs us up with people that complement the gifts, talents, and personalities that He has given us – if we let Him. The guys I dated before I began dating my husband were not all bad guys. We genuinely cared about each other and had fun together.

But in each relationship there were things that didn’t feel quite right.

Don’t sit around waiting for a boy to make you a priority, communicate his intentions, or even call you on the phone. And this God created and rules his world, including men, women, the biological compulsions that bind them together, and the institution that declares their union and keeps it sacred and safe.

Girls, stop expecting guys to make any formal attempt at winning your affections.

If fullness of life could be found in sexual stimulation, or if it was just a matter of making babies, the “forget formality and just have sex” approach might temporarily satisfy cravings and cause enough conception.

I know that sounds harsh, but let me explain my theory on Christian dating. But I do believe that if you are seeking God’s will about who you date, He will lead you to someone that is a true fit for you.

I don’t mean that your future spouse will be perfect or that you will think alike or always agree on everything. But I do believe that if you seek God’s guidance, He will lead you to the person who is going to be the match for you.

In some relationships, I found myself compromising some of my values to be more in line with that guy’s.

In other relationships, I began to think that some of the things I had wanted in a husband were perhaps more wishful thinking than things that could actually be.

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Ever had these thoughts about someone you are dating? Too many of my friends are finding themselves there now too.

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