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Orpheus wore a long-sleeve white shirt with jeans and leather lace-ups.

The team at C2 sought an automated solution that would reduce their workload, increase efficiencies and be able to track multiple events within a single sales conversion.

CAKE’s unique Step Pixel feature offered a solution, allowing C2 to track multiple touch points along the path to a conversion in order to understand the impact of each and provide structured payouts to affiliates.

Using this feature, C2 now has better insight into what’s working and what’s not, allowing them to isolate and fix problems without disrupting an entire campaign.

This is mainly due to poor lead quality, which did not convert to revenues, high cost all around due to low quality, poor conversion, fraud, low reliability, and inconsistency.

These problems continue to proliferate as technologies continue to evolve and the field continues to grow.

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In addition to embedding its technology in third party apps, Truepic also has launched a free consumer app on Apple’s Store and Google Play.

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