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Updating a chandelier

To sum it all up, these bulbs aren't bad, but they're not quite there yet.

We wanted to take a close look at your options, so we bought every single 40 watt equivalent candelabra LED we could. All in all, it took us about 18 hours of testing in our lighting lab to get a good luck at each bulb. I've got six of them up here, from [UNKNOWN] Phillips and [UNKNOWN]. The best value among dimmable candelabra LEDs that I found was this seven dollar bulb from Ecosmart.

I found that giant chandelier (also originally brass) and decided that it was better than the dark brown ceiling fan that was there before.

To update the chandelier from brass to brushed silver, I used one of my favorite silver spray paints, Rustoleum Titanium Silver (amazon affiliate link).

This is the same paint that I used all over my kitchen and on my bathroom faucet.

I like it because it creates a brushed nickel finish rather than a chrome silver finish.

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() I’ve seen some phenomenal examples of these rope-wrapped light fixtures popping up.