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And it does all of this efficiently, that is, fast.Beyond standard Stax and SAX configurability, Woodstox allows much wider variety of configuration.But is it possible to create it only in memory without file on the hard drive ?

SCHEMA_ID_RELAXNG); // step 2: construct validation schema instance XMLValidation Schema rng = sf.create Schema(new File(args[1])); // step 3: construct stream reader XMLInput Factory2 ifact = (XMLInput Factory2)XMLInput Instance(); XMLStream Reader2 sr = ifact.create XMLStream Reader(new File(args[0])); // step 4: enable validation sr.validate Against(rng); // step 5: stream through the document: while (Next()) // done!

And there you have it: simple validation of an xml document, against an Relax NG Schema.

The exact same procedure (except for getting a different schema validation factory in step 1) would work for other types, specifically for DTDs.

An in-memory tree tends to be several times larger than the document it models.

Thus tree APIs are normally not practical for documents larger than a few megabytes in size or in memory constrained environments such as J2ME.

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