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The idol, who is celebrating his 34th birthday today, is known to be close with numerous celebrities, including female idols and actresses.Some of these celebs even call him “unni”, which means older sister – because that’s exactly how they see him.Now, that’s uncommon and will probably make headline news as a dating scandal.However, if there’s one celebrity who has been safe from these rumours, especially in recent years, it has got to be Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul.Currently the emcee on , the Super Junior member still stands his ground as one of the most popular variety show hosts in the Korean entertainment scene.As he celebrates his 12th year in the industry, we take a look at 10 moments where his “poison tongue” personality truly shone.Launching their career in 2005 as a 13-member boy group, they’ve been reduced to 10 active members due to the departure of Han Geng and the absence of Kangin and Kibum.Though all 10 members have branched out into acting, unit promotions, and solo activities, there were four members in particular who managed to shine in their respective areas; they’re none other than leader Leeteuk, Kim Heechul, Yesung, and Shindong.

Choa reportedly took a 2-month break in order to hide her romance with the young CEO. While most rookie K-pop idols are extremely careful about what they say on television for fear that it might have a negative effect on their careers, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul is one of those who has never practiced self-censorship — not even in his early days as an idol.Known for his wit and for spitting harsh truths (he once claimed he would never lie to his fans), his devil-may-care attitude soon became his strong suit and one of the reasons why he became a sought-after emcee for variety shows.But she kept touching me, and it was bothering me, so we just ended up breaking up," he added "We never even got to have our first kiss," Super Junior joked.Previously, during an episode of Channel A's Singderella, Heechul shared that the Super Junior members always tell each other if there is a girl that they like. I think our tastes in girls are all different." "If one of our members likes someone, this is what happens.

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"Lastly, the saddest thing is, 'Why do I always get involved in other people's dating rumors?

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