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Free dating siteflorida

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New results are presented comparing shell, bone, and soil-charcoal age determinations from the Crystal River site, located along the west-central Gulf Coast of Florida.

Crystal River is a large multimound site whose occupants engaged in long-distance exchange throughout eastern North America during the Woodland period (∼1000 BC to AD 1050).

In the summer of 2012, test units were excavated in several contexts at the site, including both mounds and occupation areas.

Samples were collected for C dating, which were then processed at the University of Georgia Center for Applied Isotope Studies.

Two stone stelae at the Crystal River site, Florida, are in similar alignment with two temple mounds. The stelae, their spatial relationships, and the ceremonial deposits are evidence of influences from southeastern Mexico.

This article discusses the problem of dating shells from sites in the southeastern United States.

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At the height of the last ice age (the Wisconsin glaciation), the sea level was up to 100 meters lower than at present.

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