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Today there are a number of options available in the form of dating websites for the disabled.These can be effective in developing true and real relationships too in the future.This allows the members to feel comfortable as they would be sharing commonality which is in their lives, along with other people.There are also many sites for amputees, people in wheelchairs and even deaf dating sites, like Deaf Dating Club. There is only one original Deaf Dating Club web site.Having a positive communication with new and like-minded people does a lot to your spirit and persona.Once you are sending messages, getting replies, you will feel an elevation in your mood.Are you looking for a program, tool, or organization to assist you with something or just for fun? Specs of your computer (screenreader, PC or Apple, XP or Vista, etc) 4.

These are meant only for those having special needs.I think of them as half way between an audio book and actually being there.Go to the Blind Mice Mart website at go down to the heading that says “Blind Mice Movie Vault,” click on that, and you'll go to the movie vault page in a seperate window.Because it has DVS, which describes all the important visual actions (such as someone gesturing instead of speaking), seeing the movie is not necessary for enjoyment.In fact, a few of my sighted friends have told me that they prefer these DVS movies because it lets them use their imagination more.


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